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49ers-Seahawks: Another bad drop from Marquise Goodwin kills momentum

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49ers receiver Marquise Goodwin has two huge drops through two games.

San Francisco 49ers v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers probably wouldn’t have beaten the Seattle Seahawks if Marquise Goodwin’s fourth quarter drop was actually caught. They probably wouldn’t have beaten the Carolina Panthers if Goodwin’s early drop was actually caught. But things would have been a lot more interesting.

Goodwin, signed this offseason as a free agent to replace Torrey Smith, has seen plenty of looks through two games. He’s also had two brutal drops. The first was an egregious drop against the Panthers that surely would have been a touchdown. The second was a drop against the Seahawks that would have been a first down and then some.

The first would have given the 49ers a lead. The second led to a field goal that ultimately did give the 49ers a lead. Seattle promptly took back that lead with a touchdown drive, but if the 49ers score a touchdown first, who knows what happens after that? Maybe the young 49ers team have more confidence and they don’t allow Russell Wilson to gash them for big yardage on that penultimate drive.

Maybe they still do. We can’t place blame for the loss on Goodwin, but egregious drops were considered a problem for him with the Buffalo Bills and now they are once again for the 49ers. It’s a pattern, and one that Goodwin is aware of. Following the loss to the Panthers, Goodwin promised to atone for his bad drop.

He did not. He caught three of six passes thrown his way for 26 yards. To be fair, Pierre Garcon also had three receptions for 26 yards, but he didn’t have a bad drop. The 49ers are not a high-flying passing offense and Brian Hoyer is not a gunslinger with a huge arm. Goodwin isn’t a guy who the 49ers expect 1,000 yards out of this season.

But he has to clean up these drops. The 49ers aren’t bursting with wide receiver talent behind Goodwin, but I’m sure Kyle Shanahan is more than willing to give some of the young guys more opportunities if this keeps up.