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Raiders run ‘Seattle’ goal line play that involves Michael Crabtree fade, no Marshawn Lynch handoff

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I love this and I hate this all at once.

This video makes me both laugh and just shake my ahead in annoyance as a San Francisco 49ers fan. The Oakland Raiders lined up at the goal line on Sunday against the New York Jets, and Derek Carr proceeded to call an audible on the play. He yelled out “Seattle!” a couple times. There was no formation change, so we don’t know for certain if it was a new play.

Carr then snapped the ball and proceeded to throw an end zone fade route to wide receiver Michael Crabtree. It was one of three touchdowns Crabtree had on the day in a 45-20 Raiders route of the Jets.

On the one hand, calling Seattle and then not handing the ball off to Marshawn Lynch is some solid trolling. It would have been perfect if Seattle had been the opponent, but it was fun nonetheless.

On the other hand, the end zone fade to Crabtree is a play that is burned into the mind of every 49ers fan out there. We don’t need to go into why to know that it will be something none of us ever forgets.

So, we get a little bit of good and a little bit of bad with this one.