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Carlos Hyde says it’s all about the fight

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Hyde gave his teammates credit for his performance

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers came out of Seattle with a loss, but one of the bright spots of the afternoon was Carlos Hyde. Hyde finished the night with 15 carries for 124 yards as well as three catches for 19 yards. Hyde is the 8th player all-time to post more than 100 rushing yards in consecutive road games in Seattle. The last player to do it was Clinton Portis when he faced Seattle in 2002 and then 2008. Carlos Hyde is also the first player to rush for over 100 yards against Seattle in a half since Adrian Peterson in 2012.

Hyde understood the effort of the team and gave a lot credit to the offensive line and tight ends. He thought they played well in what has been a tough venue for the team.

I think we did pretty good. We had some mishaps that we could have done better on. [Those] definitely would have helped us out later in the game. Overall, I think we did a pretty good job though. We just got to get more points on the board, not field goals, but got to get touchdowns on the board.

Hyde took responsibility for the offense being limited to field goals instead of touchdowns. He put the onus on himself to get into the end zone.

With those runs that I broke, I got to get to the end zone, so I put it all on my shoulders. If I get to the end zone there I change the game with a touchdown. Next time I break a run like that, I got to get in the end zone. I can't get tackled.

Hyde also understands it’s a process with a lot of young players and a new offensive scheme, but he does think that the group is getting there. The running game was effective in Seattle and he believes the passing game will see success soon. He said he’s not worried about the team because there are only two games into the season and there’s a long ways to go.

There are no trophies for moral victories, but there is something to be said for the mood of the team after their second loss of the season. It wasn’t a demoralizing loss in the least, like so many games in 2017. There’s hope and there’s fight. That’s what Hyde sees from the team’s efforts in Seattle.

The fight. That’s what I take away. The fight. Not just on the offensive side but on the defensive side. It was a good game the whole game. I’ve played against these guys a bunch of times and they’ve whipped us before but we came in with a different mentality. Everybody laid it out there on the line. That fight. We’ve got to keep that fight. We keep that fight, we’re going to win a whole lot of games.