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49ers, Rams to wear Color Rush uniforms for Thursday Night Football

It’s time for a whole lot of black and yellow!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v St Louis Rams Photo by Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers will square off with the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday Night Football this week, and that means it is time once again for “Color Rush” uniforms. In the never-ending attempt to make more money, the NFL launched “Color Rush” uniforms that teams will wear on Thursday Night Football.

The 49ers will be sporting the black jerseys they first started in 2015. I believe the black uniforms were launched independent of the Color Rush uniforms, but a limitation on number of allowable alternates has the 49ers using the black and red for the Color Rush game. I continue to wish they had gold outlining around the numbers and names. It would make them easier to read, and would just look so much better.

The Rams will be sporting a bright mustard yellow uniform as their color rush option. I think it’s pretty solid, and definitely better than the current new uniform they’re sporting in Los Angeles.

Here are the two uniforms side-by-side.