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Kyle Juszczyk had critical blocks on Carlos Hyde, Matt Breida’s longest runs

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The 49ers brought in Kyle Juszczyk to be an offensive weapon, but his biggest players are of the blocking variety.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

When the San Francisco 49ers announced the signing of fullback Kyle Juszczyk, general manager John Lynch said he viewed Juszczyk as an “OW” or offensive weapon. The plan was to get him involved in all phases of the offense. He spent the offseason involved in both the running back and tight end meeting rooms.

Through two games, we have not seen a lot of him in the skill position manner some might have thought. He has one rushing attempt and two receptions on four targets for 17 yards. On Monday, head coach Kyle Shanahan was asked about his relative absence when it comes to touches.

“I mean, I don't expect a fullback to get too many carries. Never really has before in the history of how I've used fullbacks, so that's not something I ever truly expect. And in the pass game, that just depends on the week, what the game plan is, how they play their coverages. If they play a lot of zone and they are deep, we'll check it down to Juice who has got the hands and the ability to get up field and make plays. But, it all depends on how guys play us. But, we use him as a fullback and I thought he played a very good game yesterday.”

While Juszczyk has not been a pass-catching or rushing offensive weapon, he has been a big part of the offense when on the field. The two best examples came on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks when he was serving as a lead blocker. Niners Wire write Rob Lowder got some video of the longest run for each of Carlos Hyde and Matt Breida.

You can watch them below and see Juszczyk make a key block in each run. The runs require several big blocks, and some shifty moves from the runners, but Juszczyk did big things on both runs. It’s not sexy in the pass catching type of way, but I always enjoy a good, clear block that springs a big play. Delanie Walker and Bruce Miller were two guys who did big things during the Jim Harbaugh era, and now we are getting to see Kyle Juszczyk do it in the Kyle Shanahan era.

Carlos Hyde

Matt Breida