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NFL power rankings 2017: 49ers mostly ignored heading into Week 3

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Week 3 NFL power rankings are out, and most people are not prepared to move the 49ers off their early baseline.

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

The NFL kicks off Week 3 on Thursday when the San Francisco 49ers host the Los Angeles Rams on NFL Network. We are still trying to figure out who is going to be good and and in the NFL season, and while some teams are obviously bad, there is still a lot of room for movement.

On Tuesday, I posted my weekly NFL power rankings, and have the 49ers ranked No. 27. Most of those 0-2 teams you can mix and match, but I felt it was reasonable to put teams like the New York Giants, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, and New York Jets below the 49ers. In looking around the Internet, most media power rankings disagreed with that assessment.

I took a look at several Week 3 NFL power rankings to get a lay of the land with regard to the 49ers. Six of the ten had the 49ers ranked No. 32, with three ranking them as high as No. 29, and one at No. 28. I’m not entirely surprised by this. The 49ers entered the season ranking either No. 32 or No. 31 in most power rankings. It is hard to climb with two losses to open the season, but I felt it was worth restructuring where teams ranked, even with a pair of losses to open the season.

Here are 10 sets of power rankings to check out for Week 3.

SB Nation: 31

This is a two-for-one special because the Bengals and 49ers were lucky enough to join the 2016 Rams as the only three teams in the last 10 years to get through two games of regular season play without scoring a touchdown.

The Rams finished No. 32 in both scoring and offensive yards last year, but there can only be one champion of offensive futility in 2017 and there are two early frontrunners battling neck and neck.

One is reportedly close to benching Andy Dalton and the other doesn’t really have an option after Brian Hoyer. Tune in next week to see if either can join the 1976 Buccaneers as the only teams in the Super Bowl era to go three weeks without a touchdown.

ESPN: 31

The offense is still searching for its first touchdown of the season. But the defense has shown a lot of improvement. The 49ers allowed the most points last season, but currently rank 10th in points allowed per game.

CBS Sports: 31

They ran the ball well against Seattle, so they have that to build on. The passing game has to be better.

Pro Football Talk: 31

Tune in for Thursday Night Traffic Problems. 29

Most of the country collectively yawned at the 49ers' score Sunday. The Niners fell in Seattle. Shocking. Yet, while everyone blames the Seattle offensive line, slow starts and everything this side of Jim Zorn, the San Francisco defense played superior football. The Niners held Seattle QB Russell Wilson in check for most of the day, allowing just 12 points. Giving up so few points, on the road, should result in a win. Unless the offense can't get out of its own way on third down. Brian Hoyer failing to throw for even 100 yards didn't help. Next up: hosting the Rams. Good game. No, really.

Bleacher Report: 29

If you believe there's such a thing as a moral victory, the San Francisco 49ers got one Sunday. They went to Seattle and played well enough to win. They just couldn't put the Seahawks away in the end.

The 49ers have to be pleased with their defense. The Seattle offense might not be anything to brag about right now, but San Francisco controlled the line of scrimmage and was all over Russell Wilson throughout the contest. Until late in the fourth quarter, San Francisco did a good job of stopping the run too. The defense played physically and should have had a few interceptions that were dropped.

The disruptive nature of the defense showed why there is promise on that side of the ball.

Offensively, the 49ers were solid but not great. Brian Hoyer struggled, as we might have expected he would against the Seattle defense, yet the run game was on fire. The 49ers racked up 159 yards rushing, and we haven't seen many teams have that kind of success running the ball against Seattle.

After looking awful in Week 1, this was an encouraging performance.

Washington Post: 30

Anyone who thought things would look any different in the first season of Coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch’s new regime hadn’t taken a close look at the situation those two inherited. There are no quick fixes here. This is going to take time.

Yahoo! Shutdown Corner: 30

Credit to the 49ers’ defense for nearly pulling off an improbable upset. Carlos Hyde going for 124 rushing yards against the Seattle defense was impressive. But 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan needs to figure out a passing game. Quarterback Brian Hoyer has 292 yards in two full games. Tom Brady had 294 in the first half alone on Sunday. You have to wonder how close the team is to trying out rookie C.J. Beathard.

CSN Mid-Atlantic: 28

Brian Hoyer's statline vs. Seattle — 15 completions for 99 yards — is laughable. Seriously, aren't you laughing at it? Kyle Shanahan's got his work cut out for him in San Fran.

Chicago Tribune: 29

Two games and counting ... and they’ve yet to score a touchdown.