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49ers-Rams Madden 18 simulation

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Let’s see how the 49ers do in video game land

Hayne Plane Madden 16

Raise your hand if you thought the 49ers were going to be in that game against the Seattle Seahawks until the 4th quarter.

Ok. Now those of you who did are either incredibly optimistic where you may need help or terrible liars. Or maybe you’re just incredibly smart. Regardless, I like you, and I like that you’re back to see what predictions Madden will make this week.

Last week the 49ers were predicted to go down 33-5. There were a few differences made apparent when the game started: Jimmie Ward actually played (I eliminated him on a judgment call) and the 49ers O-line didn’t stink. That threw everything through the loop. The 49ers managed to get a few sacks off and contain Russell Wilson while one of the best defensive lines in the league were held in check by what wasn’t an awful line performance.

This week the 49ers have another tough test in the Los Angeles Rams. I will point out right now, Madden simulations differ in the fact I fully expect the Rams to dare Brian Hoyer to throw the ball and just stack 7-9 in the box at any given time. I doubt Madden will allow such a good plan to happen. Let’s see how things turn out:

Notable inactives for 49ers: Eric Reid, Reuben Foster
Notable inactives for Rams: Malcolm Brown
Quarter Length: 6:00
Games Simulated: 3

Brian Hoyer managed to break two bills

Yes, he did mange to average over 200 yards. He was still bad as he averaged a single touchdown against two interceptions. There was one game where he had a nice completion percentage of 69 percent...but the game was glitching out because Jared Goff managed 80 percent of his throws. The 49ers still managed to lose big in that game too.

There isn’t much to defend Hoyer this time around, he only took an average of three sacks a game. Which brings me to:

Aaron Donald feasted, 49ers O-line was ‘OK’

The Rams defensive lineman managed 1.5 sacks per game on average, but had a big game where he managed 4 sacks on his own. There were quite a bit of close calls on the other two games as well which led to Hoyer just throwing some duck to keep the sack from happening.

Overall though, the 49ers offensive line wasn’t really giving up much. At least, as much as I expected them to given the stigma attached to it. Despite the penetration, Hoyer managed to get the ball out. If he completed a pass is another story.

Carlos Hyde almost cracks 100

But he doesn’t. There just wasn’t anywhere to run. He averaged 87 yards. This is the most accurate wrinkle I can see happening tomorrow. The Rams know the only strength the 49ers have is in their running game. Daring Hoyer to throw has to be part of the gameplan.

Average Score: 35-19, Rams

Madden usually does stat updates (at least I think it does) if a team consistently outperforms what is written down in the game’s code. It clearly hasn’t gotten the memo that the 49ers defense isn’t terrible. There is no way the Rams run up 35 points on the 49ers at home. The first game had a 43-15 drubbing (the same one where Jared Goff looked like Joe Montana) which could easily be discarded, though it was accurate in the 49ers didn’t get a single touchdown. Game 2 wasn’t much better. Game 3 was my pick of what could happen with a score of 29-26 with an overtime filed goal sealing the deal for the Rams.

Believable but that won’t happen. The 49ers very well could win what I see as a low scoring game in the teens. The 49ers defense isn’t the Washington defense and if Goff had problems with Washington, the 49ers may make his life absolutely miserable.

And I’m a homer. And I want Madden proved wrong.