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49ers-Rams preview: What are updated LA expectations after two weeks?

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The Rams have a blowout win and a close loss under their belt. Time to figure out what that means for Rams fans’ expectations.

Indianapolis Colts v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams head into Thursday Night Football coming off a tough loss to Washington, which was preceded by a blowout win of the Indianapolis Colts. It seems pretty clear the Colts are a bad team right now, while Washington has a chance to contend for a playoff spot.

The Rams are now 1-1 in an NFC West that is looking to be not particularly good. The Seattle Seahawks atrocious offensive line is going to cost them at some point. The Arizona Cardinals seem to be on the wrong side of Carson Palmer’s career. And of course, our San Francisco 49ers are in the early stages of a rebuilding process.

Through two games, what exactly do we know about the Rams? I personally think they are going to finish ahead of the Cardinals in the division, but still behind Seattle for the time being. I spoke with 3k_ over at Turf Show Times this week, and asked him what expectations were coming into Week 1, and what his expectations are after two games. Here’s what he had to say.

My expectations were decidedly low. Given the historic ineptitude of the 2016 offense, I thought it would take longer than it has to get it out of the basement of NFL offenses, even with the replacements. So perhaps my surprise hasn't necessarily been the adequacy of the offense overall. I thought McBae (yes, that is his official name at TST) would get us there eventually, but to get there by mid-September has been a revelation. And yes, adequacy and not supremacy was the goal for 2017. It's a low bar, but if you saw our offense last year (and you guys got two spectacular looks at it) it was lower than the lowest bar. So just to get to this point has been impressive.

Overall though, it's going to take some adjustments that are somewhat unpredictable. The Rams have just one game in Los Angeles between now and Week 10 in mid-November. How will the staff manage the road work? Are teams going to go run heavy on us if the run defense woes continue? How can Philips turn something like that into a workable format? Does McVay tire of some of the lesser performances on offense or does he stick with them knowing 2017 isn't a make or break year for him or the team?

I just don't have any answers. It's a new staff with a large chunk of a roster that's new and a feeling of starting from scratch despite some players' tenure in the locker room. Unlike Week 3s of years past where I felt very comfortable that we knew who the Rams were, I honestly don't feel that way this year. And that could be a good thing or a bad thing.