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49ers-Rams picks and predictions: Turf Show Times flies their homer flag

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Gotta stick with your team, right?

Washington Redskins vs Los Angeles Rams Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams get going later this evening on Thursday Night Football, with the Rams favored by two and a half points. The 49ers are coming off a close loss to the Seattle Seahawks, while the Rams lost their own tough one to Washington.

We chatted with the folks at Turf Show Times this week, and naturally I wanted to get a prediction out of them. I asked them how they saw the game going down. I did not require a score prediction, but I certainly welcomed one. They let their homer flag fly!

Well, I think the offense is what it is for the time being. There are enough options (assuming Everett can go on Thursday) that the short and intermediate chipping should continue unabated. If, and it's a huge if, RB Todd Gurley can get more done on the ground, it would make things much, much easier. If not, it will give you guys a way to stay in the game. Gurley had a decent game in Week 2 as did Goff overall and the Rams still put up just 20 points, one of those touchdowns coming largely on a play with broken defense from Washington. I'll appreciate all the help yall are willing to give, but mistakes like that can't be counted on.

Defensively, it's going to be about setting up the ground game. Colts RB Frank Gore was on his way to a big day in Week 1 before he went off injured. The same goes for Washington RB Rob Kelley, though his replacements did just fine as the Rams ultimately surrendered more than 220 yards on the ground to Washington. If you guys look capable of anything near a similar showing, it's going to ask perhaps too much of the pass defense to put three consecutive games in at the standard they have thus far.

I'm gonna put on my homer hat as it's a rivalry that I gotta respect. So I'll go 30-10 in our favor, but if we get any answers in the negative for our running game and running defense in the early portion of the game, it's going to be much less enjoyable one way or the other.