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NFL picks, Week 3: Straight up, and considering Survivor pool strategy

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We’re back with more NFL picks, including a look at the 49ers, Week 3 straight up picks, and a Survivor pool.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back for another week of NFL football! Oh, and it just so happens to kick off with the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers play host to the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday Night Football. The 49ers are 0-2, while the Rams are 1-1, in a game that kicks off tonight at 5:30 p.m. PT on NFL Network. I’ll have more on this game against the spread later this morning.

As we get ready for Week 2, I’m back for my third pick in a Survivor pool. In a Survivor Pool, you pick a different team each week. You can only pick a team once. If your team wins you stay alive. I have set it up so you get two strikes. If you lose once, you get another chance. If you lose twice, you’re out. Once you pick a team, you can no longer pick them this season.

The first two weeks I stuck with opponents of the New York Jets. I opened with the Buffalo Bills, and followed that with the Oakland Raiders. This week, the Jets are at home against the Miami Dolphins. I imagine quite a few people will ride the anti-Jets strategy for a while, but I’m considering going a different route this week. It’s too early for me to trust Jay Cutler and company.

I’m pondering the Philadelphia Eagles at home against the New York Giants. The Giants are an abomination of a team right now, and I think we could see the Eagles pass rush do a number on Eli Manning. Divisional games are never my favorite to pick, but the Giants have quietly joined the ranks of the worst teams in the league. I’m even considering the Eagles as a SuperContest pick, where the Giants are six-point underdogs for the time being.

If I had any stones, I would take the 49ers as my Survivor pick. They are no sure thing, but I think they can beat the Rams. I think this game ends up along the lines of the Seahawks game, as far as being low scoring. The Rams offense has shown some signs of life, but Jared Goff does not inspire fear like Russell Wilson. I think this game is a toss-up, but I see a 49ers home upset. But again, I don’t know if I have the stones to make that pick. It’s a double elimination process, so I could take the loss, but I like having the cushion.

Rams @ 49ers: 49ers
Ravens @ Jaguars (London): Ravens
Broncos @ Bills: Broncos
Steelers @ Bears: Steelers
Falcons @ Lions: Lions
Browns @ Colts: Colts
Buccaneers @ Vikings: Buccaneers
Texans @ Patriots: Patriots
Dolphins @ Jets: Dolphins
Giants @ Eagles: Eagles
Saints @ Panthers: Panthers
Seahawks @ Titans: Titans
Bengals @ Packers: Packers
Chiefs @ Chargers: Chargers
Raiders @ Washington: Washington
Cowboys @ Cardinals: Cardinals