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Reuben Foster is wearing a custom ‘Savage’ jersey on the sideline while inactive for 49ers-Rams

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Yea, people might like buying this one!

The San Francisco 49ers are looking forward to the return of linebacker Reuben Foster, but in the meantime, the rookie is inactive for Week 3 Thursday Night Football. Normally, an inactive player is in a sweat suit with a t-shirt on. Not reuben Foster!

The rookie is sporting a jersey that has “Savage” in the nameplate. Well, let me correct myself. It says 5AVA6E. It has become a thing for players to use their numbers in their names. I don’t know why, but I suppose it is another identifier.

It is safe to say this is about to be the most popular custom jersey purchased at the 49ers stores.

@ferrarifoster ROCKIN that #SAVAGE Jersey. #SidelineBoyz #NINERGANG #49ers

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