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I can watch this video of Pierre Garçon’s toe-tap catch over and over

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The 49ers veteran receiver had two particularly great catches

Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Francisco passing attack struggled to get much going at times on Thursday, but in the second half, it took off. And Pierre Garçon deserves as much credit as anybody. Trent Taylor and Marquise Goodwin made some huge plays, but it was Garçon who was Brian Hoyer’s go-to wide receiver.

Garçon finished the game with seven receptions for 142 yards, and he was making huge play after huge play. He had two in particular that I loved. The biggest had to be his toe-tapper. When the play ran live, it looked like there was no way he got two feet inbounds. You can watch the video here. It looks like he barely even got one foot in.

The stadium replay gave the 49ers an opportunity to challenge the play, and the slow motion replay shows a different story.

If that’s not enough, how about we get some freeze-frame action for you. Here are two pictures, one showing him with the ball, and the second zooming in on his feet.

The toe-tap catch might be one of the most impressive things I see from a wide receiver. The amount of physical control it takes to do that is something that will leave me baffled.

The other great play was his 59 yard reception. I don’t know that the video does this play justice. Garçon catches the ball on the lower half of it, which is no easy task. But he brings it in and maintains control to the ground for the huge pick-up.

The 49ers have 13 more games to go, and I have a feeling we are going to see plenty more of Brian Hoyer looking to Pierre Garçon. Seeing Trent Taylor and others emerging is big to keep double teams off Garçon. I imagine this game only added to the confidence between Hoyer and the veteran wide receiver.