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49ers will need every bit of 10 days to recover

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A little more detail about the 49ers injuries from their game against the Rams.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers battled on the Rams on Thursday Night Football and they have the injuries to prove it. The team was already bruised from their match up with the Seahawks and they now have a whole new set of injuries to deal with.

Jaquiski Tartt, Brock Coyle and Kyle Juszczyk are all in the concussion protocol. Juszczyk was wearing a soft neck brace in the locker room after the game. He seemed normal as he spoke to teammates after reports of him looking a little woozy after a play near the goal line. According to Matt Maiocco, he remained in the game for the 4th down play after he sustained his injury.

Neither Tartt or Coyle were seen in the locker room after the game which may not bode well for their return anytime soon. The 49ers are already thin on defense with Eric Reid and Reuben Foster out for an extended time. Thankfully it seems like Jimmie Ward’s body has handled the quick rise in work load sufficiently. He and Lorenzo Jerome will have to hold down the fort until some of the others get healthy again.

Tank Carradine looked like he was in an extreme amount of pain when he was being looked over by trainers on the field. He could barely walk, and went straight into the locker room. He was also not seen after game

The team has a few days off where the players will need to get better mentally and physically according to head coach Kyle Shanahan. They will report again on Monday to prepare for Arizona.