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Ronnie Lott upset at the idea that 49ers win when they lose

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Ronnie Lott was just as upset when the 49ers lost to the Rams as the rest of us here at Niners Nation.

NFL: New England Patriots at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I never feel good about a San Francisco 49ers loss, even when it comes down to Week 17 and there’s nothing tangible to fight for outside of draft positioning. When I saw fans suggesting that it was a good thing the 49ers lost to the Los Angeles Rams at the end of the day, I completely disagreed.

As it turns out, I’m in pretty good company. Former 49ers All-World safety Ronnie Lott was on KNBR following Thursday’s loss and he was incensed at the idea that the 49ers should be losing to get a better draft pick, as noted by Daniel Mano of the San Jose Mercury News.

“OK to lose?! C’mon. Man, let’s not go back to the… OK to lose?” Lott said. “It should never be… anything in our lives that allow us to be OK with that. You just can’t accept it. You just cannot accept losing.”

Lott said he was disappointed because he thought the 49ers were going to win. They’d come back from so far behind and in such dramatic fashion that he, along with the majority of us, felt that the 49ers were going to win.

“I walked out ... I was mad,” Lott said. “I was like, ‘We just had a shot at winning — and they had worked so hard to get back in the game.’”

Lott is passionate about the 49ers, if you weren’t aware. He uses “we” when referring to the team, and very clearly makes it known that he feels like he’s 0-3, just like the 49ers are.

There were some positives to take from the Rams game, especially when it comes to the progress made by quarterback Brian Hoyer. But it’s not a game that one should feel great about as victory for morale. It’s not actually a “win” for the 49ers, not by a longshot.