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Week 3 NFL schedule: Some ugly matchups including a rare favorite in the AM

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The Browns are actually favored against the Colts. That’s reason enough to watch!

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Patrick McDermott-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers are finished for the week thanks to Thursday Night Football, and that means we get to enjoy Sunday football without worry about the 49ers. This week’s slate includes a lot of road favorites, and some questionable matchups.

The AM slate includes some ugly games, but a few intriguing question marks. The Broncos head east to face the Bills. While Buffalo is coming off a close loss to the Panthers, I think they could give Denver a tough time.

A game that could be atrocious, but still intrigues me is the Browns at the Colts. Cleveland is a road favorite, and it is the first time they’ve been favored in any game since 2015. That says a lot about how bad the Colts are. I had the Colts covering last week, and they managed to do that, and almost stun Arizona outright. I think the Colts probably cover this week, but it won’t be pretty.

Here’s the full slate of games. Our next game thread will be for the 1 p.m. PT games.

Broncos @ Bills: CBS
Steelers @ Bears: CBS
Falcons @ Lions: FOX
Browns @ Colts: CBS
Buccaneers @ Vikings: FOX
Texans @ Patriots: CBS
Dolphins @ Jets: CBS
Giants @ Eagles: FOX
Saints @ Panthers: FOX