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Golden Nuggets: The owners are speaking

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Your San Francisco 49ers links for Sunday, September 24th 2017

Annual Allen And Co. Investors Meeting Draws CEO's And Business Leaders To Sun Valley, Idaho Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

I’ve certainly tried to stay out of the entire NFL kneeling good/bad controversy that’s been going on the last few months. That’s not to say I haven’t said nothing about it, I’ve just tried to keep my opinions to a dull roar. I’m sure if you scrolled through my Twitter feed or backdated posts you’d be able to easily piece together my stance on this or find me saying something about it.

Someone who isn’t thinking like that is President Trump who went on a tirade saying that the NFL needs to fire people who take a knee. Because that makes total sense in 2017.

Not even 24 hours have gone by and the NFL is responding, and one of the first to respond with a hammer is none other than San Francisco 49ers owner/CEO Jed York. York blasted Trump’s comments and stood behind a player’s right to take a knee during the national anthem. Let’s not forget it was a former employee of York’s that started all of this, and York easily could have washed his hands clean of it and gone with the “they can do what they want” speech. But no, York went and made this statement:

Jed York has come under a lot of fire due to some of his recent decisions, but this is one decision that does nothing but help his relationship with his players—it shows he has their backs which is one of the many important things he’s defending with this tweet. Given how all this started, the fact he’s one of the first to cannon that tweet carries a lot of weight. Shortly after, a slew of owners have tweeted to Trump with similar remarks. You can see some of them on Niners Nation here.

And that’s basically what happened today. The National Anthem kneeling controversy may be taking a new turn with recent developments—something much larger and more important than it already was. Strap yourselves in, everyone.

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