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Tell us what you recall about these classic 49ers games

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Time to dig back for some of our slightly older fans!

Matt Allen can't handle the low snap Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

One of SB Nation’s writers is putting together a fun project in which he will look at 25 classic NFL games as told by ESPN NFL 2K5. As part of the project he wants to get some comments from those of us who were watching or attending any of these games.

The list includes five 49ers games. I became a 49ers fan as a child in the mid-80s, and for a lot of these games, I was not old enough to really remember them. The first three in particular are “before my time.” The Super Bowl 23 win I remember watching, but it was actually my first year as a 49ers fan, so it’s not like I have crystal clear memories of the game.

And so that brings y’all into this! If you watched or attended any of the five games below, can you drop your thoughts in about your experience with it? If you write about multiple games, make sure and clarify which comment is for which game. I’d say, no more than a paragraph on your thoughts and experiences for purposes of this. If you want to say more than that initial paragraph, reply to the comment and go to town.

The Aints Biggest Choke, December 7, 1980

The Catch

The 2-second miscalculation, September 20, 1987

49ers do it again, Super Bowl 23

The botched snap, January 5, 2003