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49ers-Cardinals announcers: Get ready for the bottom rung for the next couple weeks

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It’s the dog days of announcer crews for the 49ers

2016 Hockey Hall Of Fame Induction - Red Carpet Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers face off against a pair of 1-2 teams the next two weeks, traveling to face the Arizona Cardinals this week, and then traveling to face the Indianapolis Colts in Week 5. It is safe to say the selection of announcers will reflect the fairly blah nature of the game. The 49ers issued their Week 4 weekly game release, and it lists this week’s announcers as Sam Rosen and David Diehl in the booth, and Jen Hale as the sideline reporter.

Each week, generally, FOX covers NFC games and CBS covers AFC games. When there is an inter-conference matchup, the road team determines the TV channel. If the NFC team is on the road, the game’s on FOX. If the AFC team is on the road, the game’s on CBS. Since the 49ers are on the road next week against the Colts, I would not be at all surprised to see Rosen, Diehl, and Hale calling the game.

I have nothing against any of those three personally, but they are currently the bottom-ranked announcing crew for FOX. This marks the second 49ers game in three weeks that trio is on the call. Odds are decent it will happen again for the Colts game. After that, the 49ers travel to face Washington, host Dallas, and travel to face Philadelphia. I think at least two of those games will involve a higher ranked broadcasting trio.

I don’t think necessarily that Rosen, Diehl, and Hale are bad at what they do, but I generally do not pay particularly close attention when they are calling the game. A good announcer can be fun to listen to, and you remember what went down. Tony Romo has quickly moved into the running as one of the best color commentators in the business. It remains to be seen if that will hold up throughout his broadcasting career, but he has become an incredibly memorable announcer. With this week’s 49ers crew, it’s just sort, well, whatever. And given the current state of the 49ers, that’s about what we can expect.