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Colin Kaepernick not interested in playing in CFL as Montreal Alouettes reach out

Montreal Alouettes v Hamilton Tiger-Cats Photo by Claus Andersen/Getty Images

The Canadian Football League has a rule in place that allows teams to retain the rights to “international players,” which usually means notable NFL free agents. The Montreal Alouettes hold Colin Kaepernick’s rights in the CFL, and they have reached out to Kaepernick through his agent.

Alouettes general manager and interim head coach Kavis Reed said he reached out to Kaepernick’s agent to let him know the Alouettes hold his rights if he wants to play up there. Reed also said that he has not heard back from Kaepernick’s camp.

“There’s been no conversation about Colin coming here,” Reed told CP on Wednesday. “It was just to let them know we had his rights and if there was anything they were interested in to get back to us.

“There’s been no call back from his agent . . . that’s where it stands.”

Pro Football Talk picked this story up, and did some digging of their own. They were told by “[a] source close to Kaepernick,” that he is not interested in playing in the CFL.

I imagine some will suggest he should go play in Canada until he gets another opportunity in America. Given the quality of some of the quarterbacks in the NFL, he really shouldn’t have to prove himself. He is not a top tier quarterback by any stretch, but he is significantly better than some of the slop that is either starting or backing up other options. There’s talk about systems, but we saw the Indianapolis Colts bring in Jacoby Brissett shortly before the season started and had him starting by Week 2. We saw the Arizona Cardinals sign Blaine Gabbert as a backup even though he is not an ideal pocket passer when compared to Carson Palmer (or really anybody). Colin Kaepernick does not need to go to Canada to prove he belongs in the NFL.