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NFC West standings: Will the Rams win again?

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The Rams lead the NFC West ... can they keep it up going into Week 4?

Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Look, from where I’m sitting, the NFC West belongs to the Seattle Seahawks. It’s just ... you know ... they have to stop sucking first. I imagine they will stop sucking, which is why I assume the division belongs to them. They’re the better team and have reached higher highs with roughly the same key players.

But the Los Angeles Rams are sort of fascinating to watch. Jared Goff has progressed faster than I expected, and Todd Gurley is holding up well after three games. They could very well be a dominant force in the near future, but I feel there are some serious stumbling blocks to come this year.

Still, they’re 2-1 on the season, with 40-plus points in two of their three performances thus far.

But is their run coming to an end? The Rams have the very tough Dallas Cowboys up next, and then they have the Seattle Seahawks after that. The Seahawks have looked very beatable but my guess is they’ll have picked things up by the time they get around to playing the Rams.

So for me, the Rams are 3-2 to start their season at best, but I personally don’t think they’ll beat the Cowboys on Sunday. Dallas has stumbled out of the gate, but they’re a much better, more complete team than the Rams overall. I think Dak Prescott is a fine quarterback and Ezekiel Elliott is a great running back — the two of them should bounce back and beat Los Angeles.

Or maybe I’m wrong, and the Rams will win. Maybe they’ll go into Week 5 against the Seahawks with a 3-1 record and a shot at taking a commanding lead in the NFC West. Times are changing. What do you all think?