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Cam Newton: ‘Should [Colin Kaepernick] be on a roster, in my opinion? Absolutely, there’s no question about it’

The Panthers quarterback wants to focus on the 49ers this week, but he offered some thoughts on Colin Kaepernick.

The San Francisco 49ers welcome the Carolina Panthers to town later this week, and that means it is time for media availability. The 49ers will meet with the media on Wednesday, but in the meantime, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton met with Carolina media on Tuesday. And it is no surprise he got a question about former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Newton said that he thinks Kaepernick is better than some of the starting quarterbacks in the NFL. He thinks Kaepernick should be on a roster right now, and that it is unfair he isn’t. OF course, with the game week upon them, Newton ended by saying he was focusing on the 49ers this week.

Newton joins Aaron Rodgers in offering comments in support of Kaepernick. We have heard a variety of comments in support of Kaepernick from players, but there are some that don’t think the protest is as big a factor in his unemployment. Drew Brees is the most notable, offering some comments back in June.

The NFL season gets underway on Thursday with the New England Patriots hosting the Kansas City Chiefs. There are people who will disagree with Newton, but given some of the quarterbacks starting this weekend across the NFL, his comments are not all that far-fetched. There are reasons to quibble about some of these names and the given situation, but we are going to potentially see some serious quarterback slop in a handful of games this weekend.