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Kyle Shanahan: ‘I don’t mean to be a dick ...’

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We get some unexpected candor from the 49ers head coach.

NFL press conferences are regularly fairly boring affairs, with coaches and players unwilling to show much personality or actual life. Fortunately, we occasionally get a gem that shows these are not in fact robots, but actual human beings. San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan provided that kind of example on Wednesday.

Shanahan was holding his weekly Wednesday press conference, and he was getting questions about what kind of packages we might see with certain players. He gave an answer about how we’ll find out on Sunday, and then said that Brian Hoyer and Joe Staley would start.

He went to apologize if he was being short, and the wheels kinda fell off. He said, “I don’t mean to be a dick ...” He quickly realized what he said, covered the mic, looked at the PR guy and apologized in a sheepish manner, saying, “That was bad. Shows my immaturity.”

He might get some grief for his comments, but I think most of us will appreciate his candor. And it provided us with what I suspect will be the funniest press conference moment of the season.