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Video: Joe Staley does the Worm in a Pepsi commercial

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The NFL has lightened up the rules on player celebrations, and plenty of folks will look to get in on the act. Offensive linemen might have a more difficult time of it, but I imagine a few have some celebrations in mind.

Pepsi aired a commercial this evening before Thursday Night Football in which we get to see San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley attempting some dance moves in the end zone. It starts with him attempting to spin around on the ground, and it closes with him doing the Worm to get off camera.

Staley has offered up a brief celebration before. Back in 2011, he caught a 17-yard pass and gave an emphatic first down signal. I am hoping Kyle Shanahan uses him in a tackle-eligible play to get a chance for some end zone celebrating because I feel like Staley could offer up something better than most anybody else on the team.