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49ers post final episode of ‘Brick By Brick’

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The San Francisco 49ers get their season started on Sunday, but in the meantime, they had one more episode of their “Brick By Brick” series to air. The episode dropped at 6 p.m. this evening, and you can watch it at the 49ers YouTube page.

The series is titled “All Access,” but it is not quite like Hard Knocks. We get some fun and touching moments, and we get some highlights and mic’d up segments. But it does not go as far as HBO. In this case, the episode reaches the point where Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch talk about the difficulty of roster cuts, but we never see them get further into it. We don’t see them discussing specifics about players, and we don’t see any of the discussions they had with players.

It will get interesting next year when the NFL is deciding on the 2018 Hard Knocks team. A team cannot be chosen if they have a first year head coach or have been to the playoffs one of the last two seasons. The 49ers are on their fourth head coach in four years, but hopefully will not be changing again after this season. If that happens and the 49ers don’t make the playoffs, I could see Hard Knocks being a very real possibility.