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I think the majority of people who read Niners Nation do not attend games in person, but we have some season ticket holders and individual ticket buyers among us. For those, this season will present some cool giveaways on game-day. The 49ers announced them on Friday, and you can see them below.

The 49ers are inducting Tom Rathman into the franchise Hall of Fame this weekend, and that will include a halftime ceremony. They are handing out a Rathman rally towel, which might be a fitting giveaway. Rally towels usually end up being used as a dust rag or something you use to either dry dishes or wipe down your car after you’ve washed it. There’s a gritty nature to it, and that seems fitting for the former 49ers fullback.

The other two solid giveaways are a Dwight Clark t-shirt for Cowboys weekend, and a Joe Staley jersey apron for the Thanksgiving week game against the Seattle Seahawks. It’s been a rough offseason for Clark, who was diagnosed with ALS. The franchise has rallied around him, and I feel like the Cowboys weekend will be an emotional one. That being said, I am looking forward to rubbing The Catch in on the Cowboys throughout that game!