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Josh Rosen tops college QB power ranking heading into Week 2

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Who will end up being the first QB off the board?

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at UCLA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers will find out plenty about their quarterback situation on Sunday when they face the Carolina Panthers, but before then, we’ll get more film on potential long-term quarterback options. The college football season is in full swing, and all the notable quarterbacks will be in action this weekend.

The 2018 NFL Draft could feature as many as five quarterbacks going in the first round, and so there is plenty of coverage in “the year of the quarterback.” UCLA’s Josh Rosen walked away with the most high profile game last week, leading a monster comeback against Texas A&M. It is no surprise then that he leads a new college QB power rankings is putting together.

Their college coverage is going to feature a weekly look at the top ten quarterbacks in the league around the college circuit. As Week 2 gets going, Josh Rosen is on top, with the top rounded out by Lamar Jackson (Louisville), Sam Darnold (USC), Mason Rudolph (Oklahoma State), and Baker Mayfield (Oklahoma).

Wyoming’s Josh Allen, regularly mentioned with Rosen and Darnold, comes in seventh. Given his poor performance against Iowa, he is in a tough spot the rest of the way. His only remaining big regular season matchup is against Oregon. The Mountain West has some quality football, but it does not get the same respect as the big power conferences. I imagine executives will not be as worried about big numbers, but there could be some questioning of his less than stellar performances against higher level competition. We’ll see.

Who ends up atop this list at season’s end? And whomever that is, will they be the person who ends up the first quarterback off the board?