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Kyle Shanahan post game press conference transcript, Week 17

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Shanahan comments on injuries, the mettle of the team, Garoppolo’s play and carrying the momentum to next season

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has been much happier after games since the team started winning but he said the team never waivered, and for that, he is very proud. He gave injury updates as well as recapping the final game against the Rams.

(On if there is an update on WR Marquise Goodwin’s injury)

“Yeah, it was real good news. He said his scan passed fine. It wasn’t as scary as it seemed so he’s going to be alright, he’s going to fly back with us.”

(On if he has had any discussions with Goodwin about his prior history with concussions)

“Marquise? No, I haven’t. I know he had one earlier in the year. I think verse Arizona and he came back fine from that. I obviously haven’t got a chance to talk to him there but it was a pretty violent hit, so that one wasn’t surprising for anything. He’s been good throughout the year, I know he had that week against Arizona though.”

(On what Goodwin’s condition was like on the field after he got hit)

“It made me feel better when we went out there because his eyes were open and he was talking. Not a lot, but he wasn’t out cold or anything. He was there and his eyes were open. He was just trying to feel better before he got up, and I think he could of got up but they were trying to take it slowly.”

(On being the first team to start 0-9 and then going on to win five games in a row)

“We talked about that last night in our team meeting actually. I was real proud of the guys for that. I think one of the main things that I wanted to find out this year is really who we were and who the coaches were, who the players were. And I always say I don’t think you can find out about people until you see how they handle adversity. To start out 0-9, that was a lot of adversity for us. I think it’s not a coincidence that not many teams that finished after that with more than three – no team has – with more than three wins, because it’s adversity and it usually tears people apart but we got a bunch of good people in our locker room and they stayed together. I think we were tighter from it. We got better from it. I think it’s just a credit to some of the character we have in there.”

(On the touchdown play after the play that injured Goodwin)

“Yeah, it definitely looked like it from the result of that play. It was such a ‘bang bang’ thing and I don’t know exactly what happened. It was very violent. I’m sure the guy didn’t have intent to do that, but guys are competitive out there and they are very concerned about their brother, and they wanted an answer the next play. And when I called it, I thought it was a 2-yard gain, but they just rolled their way in, from (RB) Carlos (Hyde) running, the O-line, everyone pushing it, it was a cool way to answer right after that.”

(On if the play design on Goodwin’s touchdown was a new one)

“Yeah, it’s something I think we scored on last year in Atlanta on that verse Arizona. We saw the Rams score on it earlier this year verse someone. But, you get them in man-to-man and they try to run past guys and they forget about guys coming back out the back side.”

(On if Goodwin’s touchdown was a fake jet sweep)

“That was faking a reverse, which is very similar. We call it a ghost.”

(On if he wishes they could play more games this season and how much he thinks their success at the end of this season will carry over to next season)

“Every year is different. We’re going to have to regroup next year. Would love to carry this over, but we loved how we finished this year. I get what the guys mean, to win this much at the end of the year it feels great and you don’t want to stop playing, which is unusual when you're not in the playoffs. So it’s a good feeling that we worked very hard to get to. I think we appreciate it a lot more because we know where we started and where we came from and how we finished. Definitely haven’t arrived but we’re happy with how we ended this and we’re going to have to go in to next year and work to get better and add some guys, and make sure we keep the guys on our roster and just continue to get better.”

(On if he is impressed with the leadership role that QB Jimmy Garoppolo has taken so quickly)

“Yes, definitely. He came in and he didn’t try to do anything out of his personality, he just was himself and guys enjoyed him. Whether before he played, to his first game, to the way he acts now - he’s been the same every day and when you act that way guys respect it and he’s been great out on the field too.”

(On Garoppolo’s grasp of the playbook)

“Once you’re playing, the playbook is whatever your game plan is that week so he gets into that as much as he can and was prepared every week once we put a game plan together for him. The things that come with working more and having more reps is just the consistency of the plays. We’ve asked him to do a lot of things here in this last month that he hasn’t done before like our bootlegs, some of our play action. It’s not that he hasn’t been able to grasp it’s that with everyone – the more reps you get the better you get. If No. 1 is not there you can see it faster get to No. 2 to No. 3 and he did a hell of a job starting way behind in the small time he played and I expect him to keep getting better.”

(On if he was concerned about them playing against the Rams with most of their starters being out)

“I thought our guys did great with that. I was telling them that last night that, that’s always a concern of coaches and I think everyone that, when it seems like guys aren’t going to – especially our opponent –aren’t putting maybe as much in to it by saying they are going to rest some guys and stuff that your guys naturally lose their edge, that’s all right, they’ve got a lot of respect for our players. They’ve been the same week-in and week-out, it really doesn't matter and that was the goal here. We talk about, it’s (CB) K’Waun’s (Williams) nickname, we call him the shark. But, we talk about all ourselves as trying to be like sharks that it doesn’t matter what day it is, what game it is, that you don’t have to turn it on, you don’t have to turn it off, that’s just who you are, and that’s all you know.”

(On if LB Reuben Foster is going to be ok)

“Yeah, Reuben was fine. I don’t want to say fine, but he got a bad stinger there at the end. He could of gone back in, but it was later in the game so we just pulled him out.”

(On DL DeForest Buckner’s health)

“Yeah, ‘Buck’ (DL DeForest Buckner) I believe hurt in the first half, came back out and tried to go again and it was bothering him, so we just shut him down.

(On if it was a chest injury)

Yeah, it was his chest. I don’t know the details or how serious it is. I don’t believe since he was able to come back it was going to be too serious, but that’s all I know so far.

(On how much having Garoppolo makes their plan to move forward easier in the offseason)

“It’s nice, because we don’t have to go in to free agency or the draft trying to answer that question right away. It’s a big spot and that’s where it starts. Now we will just keep trying to look what’s out there based on free agency then we’ll move to the draft and people will get let go regardless of the position. But wherever we can try and improve our team, we will. You see what’s available and whatever is there. I don’t like going into the season saying we have to get this position or we have to get that. You see what’s available and you try to make the best decisions with what there is.”

(On S Eric Reid’s game today)

“I think E Reid’s been great. He started out with real high expectations this year going into a contract year, playing in a new scheme that he had a hell of a camp doing. Got hurt early in the year, which was frustrating for him. Took him some time to get back, when he did we had some injuries and some other people playing so we tried him at linebacker for a few weeks, put a huge challenge on him to do that but he stepped up for it, and then once we lost (S Jaquiski) Tartt and stuff we had to shuffle him back to safety and he’s gotten better each week. It’s a new scheme form him. He’s been moving around all year and this last month or so I feel like he’s been playing his best football.”

(On getting the game ball today)

“When you lose nine in a row, that first one was - it felt good and I’ll never forget that. They all feel good, this one felt great also. Again, we’ve gotten a little more used to it then. Recently we haven’t given out any game balls, but I’ll have some time to think about that on the plane.”