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Quenton Nelson is going to make us all salivate

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He can dominate in impressive fashion.

Earlier today, I posted a 2018 NFL mock draft that had the San Francisco 49ers selecting Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson with the ninth overall pick. There are no “sure things” in the draft, but over the course of the 2017 college season, Nelson has looked as close to a sure thing as you might find.

On Monday, Notre Dame took on LSU in the Citrus Bowl. While Notre Dame is losing, Nelson is putting together more great tape. Former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz posted this video of Nelson absolutely destroying an LSU defensive lineman.

I would be surprised if Nelson lasted to No. 9, but if he does, I would not mind seeing him locking down one of the guard positions for the next five or more years. It’s easy to get excited about a guy who does this kind of work.