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Browns continue eternal front office shuffle, hire Eliot Wolf and more

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The Browns continue to shuffle around their front office.

NFL: Green Bay Packers-Training Camp Mark Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns are in a never-ending state of upheaval, though like the last dozen front office changes, they hope their latest will be their last. On Wednesday, the Browns announced the hiring of Eliot Wolf as assistant general manager and Alonzo Highsmith as vice president of player personnel.

Both men are pilfered from the Green Bay Packers front office, and it’s easy to see why: the Packers are generally considered to be extremely well-managed.

Wolf has been considered a general manager candidate for the past several years. He spent the past 14 years with the Packers, most recently as the team’s director of football operations. Highsmith has been in the Packers’ personnel department for 19 years.

They also parted ways with Ryan Grigson, the former Indianapolis Colts general manager who spent less than a year within the Browns organization. Grigson was hired by Sashi Brown, the former Browns vice president of football operations. John Dorsey, the current general manager, was quick to eliminate both.

Cleveland is still looking for an offensive coordinator, while they are sticking with Gregg Williams at defensive coordinator (for now) despite the fact that Williams didn’t do a particularly good job in 2017, and is a big fan of throwing his own players under the bus.

Hue Jackson, the head coach, appears to be sticking around. Jackson was one of the bigger hires two years ago, but he was abysmal as a coach this past season. Everything was bad about the Browns, and a lot of that goes on Jackson. But at the same time, he was once considered one of the top hires. He should get another year, or more. The Browns aren’t fixing anything by switching every single offseason.

Then again, the 49ers have switched coaches the past several years. One could argue that the coaches weren’t actually the problem, that general manager Trent Baalke was the actual issue. I think Kyle Shanahan is the right man for the job, but I don’t think it’s impossible for someone like Chip Kelly to find success with the right situation.

Either way, it sure feels nice to not have to deal with these kind of changes in the offseason, doesn’t it? The Browns are constantly changing. The Oakland Raiders have a new head coach. The Seattle Seahawks are firing a lot of people. The 49ers, though, are onto something.