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Carmen Policy has colorful advice for how the 49ers should handle Jimmy Garoppolo negotiations

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Well, um, that’s one way to put it.

Former San Francisco 49ers team president Carmen Policy spends his days running a winery, but he spends a fairly regular amount of time talking football on Bay Area radio stations. On Thursday, he was talking about the 49ers upcoming negotiations with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and he offered, shall we say, slightly colorful advice on how to handle it.

I think most everybody gets the point he was trying to make. Garoppolo and his agent, Don Yee have a lot of leverage. The 49ers maintain some with the franchise tag, but Jimmy’s getting paid, and I think most everybody knows that. As an older gentleman who has no real [site decorums] to give, I suppose I’m not surprised by the comments. Maybe the specific choice of example, but not that he might say something like that.

There was plenty of reaction to his comments, and that resulted in him emailing this statement to Pro Football Talk:

“At my age any references would be related to Male Medical Exams and would have no sexual connotation.”

So, um, yea. Feel free to have that thought in your heads the rest of this Thursday (and really, for the rest of your life).