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Raiders hire Jim O’Neil for defensive coaching staff

Oh boy....

San Francisco 49ers v Buffalo Bills

New Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden is continuing to fill out his coaching staff, and the latest addition is a name San Francisco 49ers fans are familiar with. Adam Caplan is reporting the Raiders are hiring Jim O’Neil to serve as a senior defensive assistant.

O’Neil appears to have been out of the NFL this past year after spending one season as the 49ers defensive coordinator. O’Neil served as Chip Kelly’s DC, and it was mostly a disaster. Injuries were a major problem, but O’Neil seemed overwhelm for most of the year. As the injuries piled up, there were times it really seemed like he was about to break down in tears.

It’s kind of fitting O’Neil is getting a senior defensive assistant role with the Raiders. The 49ers hired Jason Tarver as a senior defensive assistant. He spent three seasons as the Raiders defensive coordinator, and a lot of Raiders fans were happy to see him leave. They have not had the same experience, but given the fan reaction, it’s somehow fitting.