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The Jimmy Garoppolo Nickname Tournament: Round 3

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The semi-finals are here! Which of the top 4 Garoppolo nick names will make the finals?

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams

The final four means we’re entering the home stretch of the Jimmy Garoppolo nickname tournament. The quarterfinals saw a couple of heavyweights go head to head with odds on favorite Jimmy GQ going full Highlander on Jimmy Geesus.

This week, despite plenty of warnings, we even saw artwork for Jimmy G-Spot. But it wasn’t enough to salvage what once looked like a promising bid to be the official Jimmy Garoppolo nickname.

Late surging candidate “The Franchise” (or just simply “Franchise”) eeked out the second highest vote total in round 2 earning 2,983 votes. We will soon see if the Adrian Colbert effect extends into the semis.

RIP Gucci Garopp. We hardly knew ye.

The Final Four

The Western bracket has a tighter races, but that might make for a better matchup. Optimus Dime, part of the final two names to not rely on a Jimmy pun, received just SEVEN more votes in round 2 than current opponent Jimmy Goatroppolo. So far we’ve only had one matchup end up within 8% points and that was back in round 1. C’mon folks, let’s make this interesting. I’ve already seen enough Bills - Jaguars games this season.

Round 3 Voting

Semifinal voting ends at 11:59 pm on Monday. And remember, in the immortal words of Art Spander:

The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid.

If you can’t see the polls, click here.


Garoppolo Nickname: Semifinal 1

This poll is closed

  • 33%
    Jimmy Goatroppolo
    (1247 votes)
  • 66%
    Optimus Dime
    (2447 votes)
3694 votes total Vote Now


Garoppolo Nickname: Semifinal 2

This poll is closed

  • 80%
    Jimmy GQ
    (3086 votes)
  • 19%
    The Franchise
    (731 votes)
3817 votes total Vote Now