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Tom Cable punches ticket back to Oakland

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Cable is joining the team that fired him just a few years ago.

The Oakland Raiders have agreed to hire former Seattle Seahawks offensive line coach Tom Cable, according to Ian Rapoport of Cable is also notable for being the former head coach of the Raiders, taking over the duties after he was named the interim coach in the wake of Lane Kiffin’s firing in 2008.

He is perhaps even more notable for how terribly his stint in Oakland played out, and also the widespread reports that he punched an assistant coach, breaking his jaw. Many jokes have been made about this, but Cable’s temper is far from a joke, as two women have claimed he physically abused them in the past.

Cable was fired by the Raiders, and owner Al Davis cited off-field reasons for the sacking, despite the fact that Cable continued to be the head coach of the team for two years after the serious allegations against him were made. It’s pretty crappy that Cable has a job in the NFL at all after his past, but here he is rejoining an organization he already failed at and was fired from.

Unfortunately, there were rumors that Cable was on the 49ers’ radar last offseason, before the team hired Kyle Shanahan. I’m extremely grateful that Cable did not join the 49ers, as I can’t imagine rooting for a team with him on the staff.

Either way, he’s on his way back to Oakland, and I’m still not sure why. He’s obviously well-regarded as a coach, and the Seahawks drafted exceedingly poorly along the offensive line, but Cable’s lines have been bad for a long time now.