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Golden Nuggets: Reuben Foster kicks off the offseason with an arrest

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Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, January 14th, 2017.

San Francisco 49ers v Los Angeles Rams

So Reuben Foster went knucklehead and got arrested for possession of marijuana. Dumb because it’s illegal in Alabama (where he was arrested). Dumb because the NFL doesn’t like that sort of thing to show up during urine tests, something Foster was already informed he’d be scrutinized over after an incident at the combine. Dumb because you’d think these guys would know better than this by now.

Dumb because the 49ers already ostracized a player who had their own addiction problems—and it’s so recent, the situation had to at least stare Foster in the face. That player I’m talking about is Aldon Smith, a standout 1st round choice that eventually let his demons get the best of him and the 49ers released one of the top playmakers on the roster.

But for those of you saying this is Aldon all over again—that’s nonsense. This is a different scenario. Aldon Smith went into an airport and did an impression of a terrorist to get arrested. Smith got more drunk than many people could survive from to get arrested also. And Smith also got arrested for wrapping his car around a tree while sleeping behind the wheel. Aldon put himself and others at risk with his behavior, Foster put his own career at risk with his.

The NFL doesn’t like marijuana. Just ask Josh Gordon. I’m not about to write about how it’s legal in several states so this whole thing is crap. Truth is, rules are rules, and the rules say it’s illegal in Alabama, and it’s illegal in the league. If you’re paid the salary Foster is paid, then you should know the rules and especially know how to follow them. If you want to challenge those rules, maybe try it in a state you can’t get arrested for having it, like California?

And yes, I’ll give the NFL this, Marijuana is slowly becoming acceptable and can be a great alternative to pain pills that so many of its veterans are getting addicted to later in life. Many states are letting the grass be sold legally, so why can’t players use it? But until we see all 50 states change their laws, the NFL has no way to hold the double standard on who can use it where in what state.

What Foster did was a knuckleheaded move, but comparing this to the headaches Aldon Smith caused is ridiculous. Until Foster falls asleep and rams a car into oak, these are different situations.

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