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Pierre Garçon responds to Donald Trump’s reference to Haiti, others as ‘shithole countries’

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In a stunning development, Donald Trump is in the news again for something he said. Trump was recently meeting with folks from Congress to discuss immigration issues, and he reportedly complained about allowing in more immigrants from Haiti and countries in Africa. He reportedly said, “‘Why do we want these people from all these shithole countries here? We should have more people from places like Norway.”

Naturally there has been a lot of reaction following multiple people confirming he made such remarks. That includes San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Pierre Garçon. Garçon was born in the United States, but the rest of his immediate family was born in Haiti.

He recently chatted with someone at TMZ Sports. You can watch the full video above, or click here.

”It was hard to understand why he would even say something like that. It’s embarrassing, he probably says it in private, in privacy, like you know, people talk in privacy. But to say it publicly, and as an adult, as a mature adult, knowing Donald Trump as what we feared before he became president and for him to actually show what he really is as a president, you’re not surprised by what he says.”

The reported asked Garçon what he would say to Trump if they met face to face. The 49ers receiver offered a very mature response to Trump’s comments.

“We forgive him. That’s all we really can do. You can only try to show somebody something, if they don’t want to experience it, that’s their — but we’re happy to be from Haiti, we’re happy to be Haitian immigrants. There’s a lot of Haitian people that are in America that are happy to come here, and happy to be an asset to the country, and take pride in that, and take pride in being an asset to our own country.

“But you don’t fight fire with fire. You try and shed light on the situation, and try to see a different point of view to encourage and embrace and enlighten everybody on what we have in the diamond or the pearl. When you first hear it, you obviously attack, like forget everything. But now it’s like, let’s not get into a shouting match, let’s not stoop down to that level. Let’s embrace our country and find more ways to market our country, and invite people to come over and experience it with us.”

Pierre Garçon’s Helping Hands Foundation works to help the many victims of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. You can learn more about the Foundation here.