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Eagles, Patriots advance after Divisional Round wins on Saturday

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The Eagles and Patriots advanced to the conference championships on Saturday.

Divisional Round - Atlanta Falcons v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The first two Divisional Round playoff games are in the books, and both the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles have advanced. The first one is surprising, and the second one isn’t.

Philadelphia’s defense led the Eagles to a playoff win without Carson Wentz, and that’s definitely surprising. Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons simply couldn’t score on the Eagles, and lost a close one, 15-10. Nick Foles threw for 246 yards while Julio Jones broke 100 yards in the loss.

Now the Eagles will go to the NFC Championship, where they will face either the Minnesota Vikings or the New Orleans Saints, who will be playing on Sunday.

The game between the Patriots and the Tennessee Titans was, fittingly, extremely poorly officiated. There were several outright wrong calls against the Titans, unsurprisingly. The Patriots won easily, 35-14, and will now wait to see if they will play the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Pittsburgh Steelers, who will also be playing on Sunday.

Both of the top seeds in action on the day won, and I imagine it will be more of the same today. The Saints probably have a better shot at beating the Vikings than the Jaguars do at beating the Steelers, at least in my opinion. Either way, hopefully the pair of games on Sunday are more entertaining than the two from Saturday.