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Lions, Cardinals, Giants circling around divisional round coordinators

The 49ers face three teams looking for a new head coach, and at least two might be settled sooner rather thn later.

The 2018 divisional round continues today with the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Minnesota Vikings hosting the New Orleans Saints. As those games prepare to get going, there are numerous reports about potential coaching vacancies getting filled.

Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur has been linked to the Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants, and Detroit Lions. Multiple reports have the Cardinals and Giants both ready to pounce if the Vikings lose today. If the Vikings win, they cannot talk to him until after the conference championship game next week.

New England Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia has been firmly on the radar for the Giants and Lions, and Adam Schefter is now reporting he is expected to land with the Lions. Given the Patriots win on Saturday, Patricia has to wait until after the conference championship game to speak with the Lions again. He cannot be hired until after the Patriots are eliminated from the playoffs (or win the Super Bowl), but he can have another opportunity to speak with his suitors during the Super Bowl bye week.

Last year, the San Francisco 49ers’ had to wait until after the Super Bowl to announce Kyle Shanahan as their next head coach. But as we’ll see if the Patriots advance to the Super Bowl, it was the worst kept secret leading up to the big game. In that sense, it would be kind of amusing to see the Vikings and Patriots square off in the Super Bowl just to see the dancing around the subject of future jobs by both teams.

The 49ers face the Lions, Giants, and Cardinals next season, and would also face the Vikings under a new offensive coordinator.