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Patriots-Jaguars means money for some 49ers players

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The AFC title game is set, and 49ers players will benefit.

The Jacksonville Jaguars took care of business on Sunday, holding off the Pittsburgh Steelers 45-42 in a wildly entertaining divisional round playoff game. They advance now to face the New England Patriots next Sunday in the 2018 AFC Championship Game.

Given the 49ers thumping of the Jaguars earlier this year, I think it is reasonable to suggest that the 49ers probably deserve the Jaguars place in the AFC title game. I don’t imagine the NFL will jump on that, but I think it’s a reasonable suggestion.

This will be a fun matchup on the field, but it also provides a spark in the 49ers locker room. Well, maybe not the locker room since they’re in the offseason, but among the players at least. Jimmy Garoppolo, Cassius Marsh, and Sheldon Day all will receive $51,000 for next week’s conference championship.

Garoppolo and Marsh played for the Patriots, while Day played for the Jaguars. All three were on the roster for at least eight games before ending up in the NFC. Playoff share rules provide $51,000 for a conference championship appearance. Players on the winning team then either gets $56,000 for going to the Super Bowl and losing, or $112,000 for going to the Super Bowl and winning. The players get nothing beyond the $51,000 for losing the conference championship game.

Suffice to say, all three players have a lot to root for next week. I suppose Garoppolo will be digging this money out of his couch after he eventually gets a huge contract extension, but it’s still a nice little chunk of change.