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Reuben Foster, DeForest Buckner are the highest-rated 49ers players by Pro Football Focus

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The top five players aren’t surprising at all.

We’ve talked a lot about the San Francisco 49ers and how they’re graded on Pro Football Focus, so now that the season is over, how about a quick look at the highest-graded 49ers of the 2017 season?

Unsurprisingly, rookie linebacker Reuben Foster was the highest-graded 49ers player with a 90.7 overall grade. On top of that, defensive lineman DeForest Buckner was also graded very well, with an overall grade of 90.4.

I’m not surprised to see Buckner so close to Foster. Buckner was phenomenal for much of the season, even if he wasn’t notching a great number of sacks. He’s doing his job and he’s doing it well.

Left tackle Joe Staley was third on the team, with an overall grade of 87.4. I’m happy that Staley is still playing well and that he’ll be back with the 49ers next year, as opposed to retiring.

Fourth is safety Jaquiski Tartt, who had a relatively quiet season as well. He’s definitely the starting strong safety next season, regardless of what happens with Eric Reid or the two safeties vying for the spot on the other side.

Finally, Jimmy Garoppolo comes in with an 85.2 grade, which is shocking to me. Garoppolo was easily on an elite quarterback level over the course of his games. He was arguably the best quarterback over that time. The only thing I can think of that would affect him negatively are the interceptions, many of which weren’t even close to being his fault.