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Any 49ers fan who watched the Minneapolis Miracle had to remember The Catch III

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We always love finding a way to bring this up.

San Francisco 49ers v New Orleans Saints

The Vikings-Saints divisional round game will go down as one of the greatest endings in NFL playoff history — make no mistake about it. And Vikings fans have to love having a play like that to call their own, etched into history. That fanbase deserves it and they deserve having a moment like that. Every team needs to have that one moment-defining play. “The Minneapolis Miracle” as I’ve heard the radio play-by-play call of it seems to have a nice ring to it.

But I’m a fan of the San Francisco 49ers. And all I can think of, with Case Keenum essentially going strike-for-strike with Drew Brees, was the last time such a heart breaker happened to the Saints. That’s right, I’m talking about The Catch III.

This isn’t a Throwback article, it’s more just how reminiscent that game was and know how the Vikings fans felt when Stephan Diggs went toeing down the sideline to get the score and finish the game. If you, a 49ers faithful, felt good watching it, you definitely know how they felt. Because any of us who are fans were elated when Smith went Montana on 3rd and 3. There was nothing no one could say after Smith threw the slickest dart he ever will in his career to Vernon Davis to kickstart the Jim Harbaugh era.

But now the sad part of all of this, the Saints have had some bad luck. First the Catch III, now the Minneapolis Miracle. Damn. being on the losing end of two history defining plays has to feel awful. I can’t imagine how that fanbase and locker room feels having to be on the receiving end on two of the biggest plays of the decade.

So we probably know how Viking fan feels. As for the Saints. I wish I could say we know how that feels, but we don’t. The Tip in Seattle might come close, as does the fumble in the NFC Championship game during the George Seifert era, but the 49ers are beneficiaries of bad officiating and terrible calls, not really moment defining plays that deflate a franchise. Super Bowl 47 was more a web of terrible referees than it was one play that the Baltimore Ravens remember forever, and no one but 49ers fans talk about Kyle Williams fumbling away punts.

In my opinion, the Catch III was more important. The 49ers were supposed to win nothing that year and had a quarterback labeled as a bust. That bust of a quarterback who the fans had booed out of Candlestick Park turned around and went punch-for-punch with one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and threw a pass to another player who had so many character issues in their short career. Not to mention the lead-up to the play was a few lead changes via touchdowns. That was a different scenario than the miracle, though. Both plays are equally important in NFL lore.

Enjoy this feeling Vikings fans, if anyone knows how it feels—it’s us.