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Ken Norton Jr. leaves 49ers after less than a week, joins Seahawks

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Welp, that was fast.

Oakland Raiders v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Ken Norton Jr. is signing with the Seattle Seahawks as the team’s defensive coordinator, according to multiple reports. This is notable because he recently joined the San Francisco 49ers as an assistant head coach and linebackers coach.

There were reports that Norton could leave the 49ers for the Seahawks, and it didn’t take long for those reports to become fact. He was hired by the 49ers on Jan. 8, and is now with the Seahawks organization. Norton was fired mid-season by the Oakland Raiders in 2017, where he was the defensive coordinator.

“Last week, Ken was presented with an opportunity to once again coordinate a defense,” head coach Kyle Shanahan said in a statement. “Because of how we feel about Ken as a coach, we understand and respect his desire to pursue the position.”

Norton spent seven seasons with the 49ers from 1994-2000, and played on three consecutive Super Bowl winning teams. He previously spent five years as the linebackers coach with the Seahawks, and held multiple coaching positions at the University of Southern California.

This isn’t the biggest loss in the world, but many felt that Norton would be a good tutor for troubled linebacker Reuben Foster. I think that may have been overblown to an extent, but this still hurts a little bit given Norton’s past with the 49ers and the fact that he’s gong to an NFC West rival.