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Baker Mayfield signs with Colorado-based agency, Broncos want to coach him at Senior Bowl

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The Broncos and Baker Mayfield may be getting a lot more acquainted in the near future.

The Denver Broncos are interested in Baker Mayfield, at least enough to request the privilege of coaching him at the upcoming Senior Bowl. And, wouldn’t you know it, Mayfield has made an interesting move himself: he’s signed on with Boulder-based management company Capital Sports Advisors, according to Nicki Jhabvala of The Denver Post.

Mayfield’s agents are Tom and Jack Mills and Kevin Robinson of the aforementioned agency. The rookie wage scale simplifies the negotiation process, but leading up to the draft, an agent can set up interviews and workouts, and otherwise allow the prospect to focus on draft prep.

This move doesn’t necessarily mean Mayfield is more or less likely to join the Broncos. Going forward, Mayfield’s agents will primarily be concerned with making sure teams aren’t scared away by his off-field and character concerns.

But it’s an interesting connection, at the very least. The Broncos had a pretty rough quarterback position this past year, and I don’t see that getting better with the addition of any single free agent. Instead, I think they need to invest heavily in a quarterback, and Mayfield would be one of the top in the draft.

What happens with the top quarterbacks in the draft isn’t as relevant to the San Francisco 49ers as it was before the team acquired Jimmy Garoppolo, but with a top 10 pick, the 49ers will still be keenly interested in the position. The more teams that target a quarterback, the more players at other positions are likely to fall to the 49ers on draft day.