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Jarvis Landry unhappy with contract negotiations, wants Davante Adams money

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The 49ers have that kind of money, but is the need really there for Landry?

The San Francisco 49ers are likely to invest a fair amount in free agency this offseason, and one position to address could be wide receiver. There are a host of names out there, with Allen Robinson a popular mention.

Another intriguing name on the market will be Jarvis Landry. The Miami Dolphins wide receiver has been exchanging offers with the team, but after sharing some optimism in December, it sounds like things have taken a sour turn. Landry’s agent, Damarius Bilbo told Miami Herald reporter Barry Jackson that the Dolphins made his client an offer in early December, and he offered a counter proposal in mid-December. Bilbo said the Dolphins have not responded to the offer.

The article goes into a host of issues Landry and his agent have with the Dolphins. It’s an interesting read, and it includes a pertinent contract report. Bilbo would not discuss contract terms, but Jackson said, “it’s believed that Landry is seeking a contract in the range of the new deal recently signed by Green Bay’s Davante Adams.” Adams received a four year, $58 million contract from the Packers. It includes an $18 million signing bonus, but nothing else fully guaranteed.

Our friends at The Phinsider wrote about the many complications of these negotiations. They closed with a poll asking the maximum yearly salary the Dolphins should consider offering Landry. The $12 million to $13 million range is leading the way right now, but either way, it seems like he will land an eight figure per year contract.

A lot of it comes down to how the guarantees shake out, but Landry positioned himself for a big pay day, thanks to a league-leading 112 receptions. Of course, he also only averaged 8.8 yards per reception, so that has to be factored into assessing his value.

But is he a receiver the 49ers should take a look at in free agency?