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We’re a right hand away from Brian Hoyer vs. Blake Bortles this Sunday

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The New England Patriots released their first practice participation report of the week, and Tom Brady has made an unexpected appearance. Brady was listed as limited with a right hand injury.

Wednesday is normally media availability day for a team’s quarterback. Brady was held out of that, with the Patriots announcing he was with the team’s medical staff. Later, Patriots beat writer Karen Guregian reported Brady had jammed his right hand at practice after accidentally being run into. Guregian also reported an x-ray showed no structural damage.

Barring someone going in and breaking Brady’s hand, there is zero chance this injury prevents him from playing against the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship Game.

That being said, if Brady had actually seriously injured his hand, the media circus would be incredible. You’d have the potential for Brian Hoyer to start in Brady’s place. More importantly, you’d have a team that traded Jimmy Garoppolo now stuck in a situation where he would have been a useful option.

Again, I realize this is all hypothetical land where it will not actually happen. But the thought of breathless discussion on pre-game shows about the Patriots mistake in trading Garoppolo cracks me up anyway.