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Broncos get both first round quarterbacks on Senior Bowl roster

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The Broncos need a quarterback, and they’ll get a full, exclusive week to assess to possibilities.

The Denver Broncos will be coaching the North squad at the 2018 Senior Bowl, and they are getting to get a huge opportunity to assess potential first round picks. The Senior Bowl will have plenty of first round talent, but Denver specifically will get the two quarterbacks likely to get drafted in the first round.

Senior Bowl rosters are announced today, and Andrew Siciliano tweeted that the Broncos will get both Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen.

From a geographical perspective, there is an argument to be made that they are both from the “North,” but even still, it’s interesting to see the Broncos get a chance to spend the week with both quarterbacks. The Broncos coaching staff will spend all week running them through drills and seeing how they responded to the thrown-together playbook.

This might not guarantee either is the Broncos pick at No. 5, but this will give Denver more access than any other team will have. There will be Combine meetings, Pro Days, and private workouts for other teams to assess Allen and Mayfield. But for the Broncos, they get to put them through their paces for a full week.

The Broncos could very well go in another direction when late April arrives, but quarterback seems pretty close to a certainty for them. The Cleveland Browns and New York Giants both could be a strong bet to select a quarterback as well. The big question then becomes whether or not anybody picks quarterback at Nos. 6-8, and what trades might happen in that range.