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Allen Robinson: ‘I know I’ll be at 100 percent relatively soon.’

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The 49ers might be interested in Robinson, but his knee is the big question mark.

The San Francisco 49ers will likely be looking to add depth at wide receiver this offseason, and Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Allen Robinson could be a name on their radar. The 49ers wide receiver depth chart has some intriguing talent, but they do not have a young clear No. 1.

Robinson led the Jaguars in receiving in 2016 and 2015, putting together a huge season in the latter year, with 80 receptions for 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns. But, as talented as Robinson is, there is a huge health question mark.

Robinson suffered a torn ACL this past September, and has spent the year on injured reserve. He has been rehabbing his injury ever since, and for the past month has returned to traveling with the team to road games. He was on the sideline for Sunday’s divisional round win over the Pittsburgh Steelers, and on Tuesday, he had a chance to catch up with the media.

The Jaguars receiver told reporters that he is expected to make a complete recovery, and, “I know I’ll be at 100 percent relatively soon.”

While that can be written off as the talk of a confident individual, the injury itself was fairly straightforward, and not complicated. He suffered the injury on September 10, and had his surgery on September 14. The quick turnaround from injury to surgery means there was no swelling. If there had been any significant swelling, they would have had to wait to operate. That could have meant waiting a couple weeks to upwards of a month. Thus, it got him into the rehab phase quickly.

The 49ers could decide to let it ride with their current receivers, plus a draft pick or inexpensive free agent. However, as Chris Biderman pointed out, Robinson would bring the 49ers the kind of size they desperately need in the red zone. Pierre Garçon did great work before his neck injury, and would be a key component next year. But at 6’2 and a half, and listed anywhere between 210 and 220 pounds, Robinson would bring a little something more to the table.

Robinson was a second round pick for the Jaguars, so they do not have a fifth year option. There was some talk he would be in line for a contract extension this year, and as Ryan O’Halloran pointed out in his article (linked above), the franchise tag was an option at one point. The Jaguars do not have a lot of other notable free agents worthy of the tag, so it comes down to whether or not they would tag a player coming off a torn ACL.

At the same time, if not the tag, are they (or anybody) willing to give Robinson a deal along the lines of Davante Adams’ four-year, $58 million contract? That seems to be a benchmark a lot of talented wide receivers are looking at, but most are not coming off a torn ACL like Robinson. It makes for an intriguing discussion in the 49ers front office. I don’t expect Robinson to have to play on a one-year prove it deal, but I could see a deal with more incentives and/or roster bonuses.