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Tom Brady listed as questionable, yes it is trolling time

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The New England Patriots released their final injury report for Sunday’s AFC Championship Game, and there is plenty more chatter to be had about Tom Brady. The Patriots quarterback was a limited participant on Friday, and is listed as questionable for Sunday’s game.

Brady suffered a hand injury earlier this week, and the speculation has gotten pretty wild. He was wearing red gloves at practice on Friday, and wore them to a post-practice media sessions. He told the media he would not talk about the gloves, and while he did confirm he was out at practice, he said, “we’ll see” when asked if he would be playing on Sunday.

There are reports now that Brady cut his hand after hitting the buckle on someone’s helmet, and the injury required four stitches around the knuckle. Mike Garafolo heard “it was a bloody mess,” but that Brady has been throwing the ball well in practice.

There was plenty of speculation that the Patriots were just playing games with all this to get in the Jaguars’ heads. I don’t know that that would really have been necessary, and these subsequent reports of a significant cut suggest it was really about an injury. Had it been virtually any other player, this would not be a thing, but given that it’s Tom Brady, naturally, it’s a thing.

We are not going to see Brian Hoyer starting on Sunday, but I’ll still keep my fingers crossed. Seeing Brian Hoyer out there playing in a playoff game for the Patriots would somehow be one of the most fitting ways to close out this year for 49ers fans.