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Who of the four conference championship teams are you rooting for to win Super Bowl 52?

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The 2018 conference championship games are a little under 48 hours away, which means we will know the Super Bowl 52 participants soon. It’s kind of an odd weekend of matchups. Tom Brady is the most high profile of the four quarterbacks, and has dominated storylines. However, there is a lot of intriguing young talent that will be in display this weekend.

Now that we’re down to the final four, I’m curious who people want to see winning it all two weeks from now. Right now, my choice is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Some people don’t like them for their brash behavior, and I’ve seen some comparisons to the Seattle Seahawks. If the Jaguars were in the 49ers division, I might feel different, but as they are not, it’s been a bit easier to root for them.

More importantly, if the Jaguars win the Super Bowl, the amount of transitive theorizing we’ll be doing here is gonna be endless!

I’ve seen decidedly mixed opinions on the Patriots. On the one hand, they’re the Patriots and thus easy to root against. On the other hand, they did trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the 49ers, so I suppose a little karmic payback is OK.

On the NFC side, I’m always down with seeing Philly fans suffer. People from Minnesota are always so friendly, and whenever the 49ers and Vikings square off, the interactions are so pleasant between the sites. Given their run of Super Bowl losses back in the day, I wouldn’t mind seeing them win.

So, who’s your choice?


Who would you prefer win Super Bowl 52?

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