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Jimmy Garoppolo plays it cool in talking about contract extension possibility

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The 49ers quarterback met with the media and commented on the status of his contract.

Jimmy Garoppolo stays mum about contract talks and discloses what surprised him most about the 49ers locker room.

Posted by Niners Nation: A San Francisco 49ers Blog on Monday, January 1, 2018

The San Francisco 49ers have a significant decision to make this offseason with regard to the contract of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. They could figure out a sizable extension, but if that does not work out, the franchise tag is an option.

On Monday, Garoppolo met with media as part of end-of-year availability, and he played it pretty cool. He said he enjoyed his situation with the 49ers and thought they had a good thing going, but said, “You know, we’ll see what happens.” (video above, or here)

Garoppolo said he is planning on talking to his agent, Don Yee, over the next couple days, and discuss next steps. Free agency is not going to start until March, and the 49ers retain exclusive negotiating rights until then. The 49ers have to decide between February 20 and March 6 if they want to apply the franchise tag. The NFL Combine runs February 27 to March 5, and contract talks often kick up a notch that week. All teams are in Indianapolis, and most agents are there as well, which makes business a little easier.

If the two sides get an extension done, it likely will not happen until closer to the start of free agency. If the 49ers use the franchise tag, they would have until July 15 to agree to an extension this year. After July 15, the two sides would have to wait until next year to work out an extension.