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Cardinals QB Carson Palmer announces retirement

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The rebuilding project is fast approaching in Arizona. Is Larry Fitzgerald next?

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals could find themselves in the midst of a rebuilding process sooner rather than later. A day after head coach Bruce Arians publicly announced his retirement from coaching, quarterback Carson Palmer announced his own retirement. Wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is rumored to be considering retirement as well, and one has to wonder if Palmer and Arians departing will push Fitzgerald towards retirement.

The Cardinals have a lot to figure out in the coming months. They have begun the search process for a head coach. Their quarterback depth chart currently includes Blaine Gabbert, Drew Stanton, and Matt Barkley. They will be drafting a quarterback this year, but at No. 15, they are in a tricky situation if three or four quarterbacks go in the top five or ten picks.

If Fitzgerald retires, they will be losing a lot of work. Fitzgerald finished the season with 109 receptions and 1,156 yards. The next closest receivers were Jaron Brown with 31 receptions for 477 yards, and J.J. Nelson with 29 receptions for 508 yards. It’s safe to say they need to find some weapons, even if Fitzgerald returns in 2018.

Arizona has a lot to figure out this offseason. The Cardinals finished the season 8-8 in third place, but right now, it wouldn’t surprise me if NFC West odds had them as a potential doormat in 2018.